The Galen Project

Dr Julia Trompeter

Research Interests

Ancient Ethics, Psychology, Physiology, Medicine and Rhethoric, esp. Galen, Aristotle, Plato, Stoics, Corpus Hippocraticum, and Michael of Ephesus


‘Galen’s Moral Psychology.’

This project addresses the question how far Galen developed a coherent view of our moral functioning in light of his model of the human mind. The results will be published in a monograph (2021).

Former Research and Projects


DFG-project with Prof. Dr James Wilberding at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Michael of Ephesus’ commentary on book 10 of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, translation with introduction and notes for the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle Series (R. Sorabji and M. Griffin, eds.).


Research Assistant and Lecturer at the Institute for Ancient Philosophy II,

Ruhr-University Bochum.


Research Assistant at the Leibniz-Prize-Project “Literature and Epistemology“,

Institute for Greek and Latin Philology, Free University of Berlin.




“Psychologische und physiologische Aspekte der Tripartition der Seele bei Platon und Galen.“ Dissertation, Electronic Publication at the Ruhr-University Bochum, 189 pages, Ruhr-University Bochum (2013).


Trompeter, Julia: ‘The Actions of Spirit and Appetite: Voluntary Motion in Galen,’ Phronesis, 63.2 (2018) 176-207.

Trompeter, Julia: ‘Die gespannte Seele: Tonos bei Galen,’ Phronesis 61.1 (2016) 82-109.

Trompeter, Julia: „Schäme dich am meisten vor dir selbst! Affekttherapie und Affektprävention: Die Freiheit der Seele bei Galen“ in: K. H. Leven (ed.): Galen aus Pergamon. Medizin und Philosophie in der römischen Kaiserzeit. Sammelband zum Internationalen Symposion Galen aus Pergamon. Beiträge eines internationalen Symposiums, Erlangen, 17.-18. Oktober 2013 (Philosophie der Antike, Bd. ##). Wiesbaden (Steiner) (forthcoming).

Trompeter, Julia: “How the Soul affects the Body: Pneumatic tension, psychic tension and megalopsychia in Galen” in L. Orly, S. Coughlin, D. Leith (eds.): The Concept of Pneuma after Aristotle: Berlin Studies of the Ancient World, Edition Topoi (forthcoming).


Selected Talks

2020: “Michael of Ephesus on the Objects of Contemplation” , at Intellect and Contemplation in Ancient Greek and Medieval Islamic Philosophy, Munich School of Ancient Philosophy, 6-7 March 2020 (forthcoming).

2019: “An Illness Called Anger. Affections, Symptom and Disease in Galen’s Medical and Ethical Thought”, International Workshop The Greek and the Arabic Galen: Aspects of Galenic Medical Thought and Teaching, Vienna, 21-22 November 2019 (Convenors: dr. E. Wakelnig and Prof. T. Tieleman).

2019: “Presentation of QAM, Selections from IV 791-813 K = 51,12 – 71,17 M = 38,5-74,11 B” Reading Seminar CAW, Abdij van Westmalle, 20-21 September 2019.

2017: “Moderation cum Eradication: Emotions in Galen’s Moral Psychology,” Medical Understandings of Emotions in Antiquity, Crete/Patras Ancient Emotions II Conference, University of Patras, December 8-10, 2017 (convenors: G. Kazantzidis and D. Spatharas).

2017: “Emotional Health in Galen,” CRASIS Annual Meeting & Masterclass – Ancient Health. Concepts, Materiality, and the Experience of Life. Groningen University (02-03.03.2017).

2016: “Michael of Ephesus on Means and Ends in his Commentary on EN 10” at the conference Michael of Ephesus: Commentator and Philosopher, Ruhr-University Bochum (29.-30.09.2016).

2015: “Vital Pneuma, Tonos and the Spirited Part of the Soul in Galen“ at the conference The Concept of Pneuma after Aristotle“, Topoi Berlin (02.-04.07.2015).

2014: “What is the “tonos” of the Soul in Galen?“ at the 12th ISNS 2014, Lisbon (17.-20.06.2014).

2014: “Was ist der tonos der Seele bei Galen?“ at the Interdisziplinärer Arbeitskreis Alte Medizin, 34. Treffen, Mainz (05.-06.07. 2014).

2013: „Schäme dich am meisten vor dir selbst. Emotionen bei Galen“ at the International Symposion, Galen aus Pergamon. Erlangen (17.-18.10. 2013).

2012: „Galen’s Theory of the Soul” at the conference Approaches to Ancient Medicine, Cardiff University (20.-21.08.2012). 

2010: „War Galen Eklektiker? Platonismus und Aristotelismus in Galens Schrift QAM“ at the 15th Aquilonia der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (25.-26.06.2010).